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We've been doing SEO for a while now and have seen it all as for scams and rip-offs. It's gotten such a bad name due to the nature of how it works and people trying to find loop holes and ways to cheat the system. Google and other search engines are constantly changing and tweaking the way it works but one thing will always remain paramount in their books; an active website and one that has new content added frequently using a keywords in your area of business will be moving up in the rankings. It's a slower process then some of the blackhat tactics SEO firms will try, but the results remain true. That's why at Cover Club Media with our SEO packages you get unlimited updates(no repetitive or reused content) to your news section along with our routine updates and many changes to improve your business online.

Some serious issues can arise when going with certain SEO companies. For example one of our website and hosting clients recently was scammed into trying a service provided by a very large SEO firm in Canada. It's embarrasing to admit that our hosted client made the mistake but the sales calls can be overwhelming and pushy. We won't name any names and I'm sure you'll understand. The situation is a very dangerous game for your business and it's reputation online. It doesn't work long term, and once you cancel the service(cross your fingers) any paid service will never render to your official business website rankings.

Click on the image to the left image for an example of how some SEO companies think they're tricking the system. Use the arrows to view both examples and compare.

They've recreated our clients website we mentioned earlier using a template they use for all of their registered clients in the renovation area they are under contract with. They do this will all sorts of categories. They will place a newly created website of your business on a new domain in a format like ( They will use a simple and awful looking design. The result is they're stealing away your business online profile and moving to theirs. But wait there is more...

As you can see in both images the words are exactly the same. This is a big mistake, copyright issues for starters and when search engines spots verbatim copied text you get nothing. 

So you're propably asking yourself well how do they get calls for you and business leads for you. Well, it's extremely simple. All of your leads are generated through paid ads through search engines forwarding it all to the temporary site not your site so you think their doing SEO work. They will also use a temporary phone number routed to yours to prove that it was their lead generated. They're doing abosolutely no SEO. All they have done is duplicate your current website and ran an paid ad service for it. Which is setup one time. At Cover Club Media we can create and manage an ad service for you forwarding and monitoring your results the way it was meant to be done. 

Sadly we see this happen to a lot of clients where they come to us looking for answers. We can explain the situation for you and find a get out of jail solution for you. Give us a call if you want a honest SEO service that works. No obligations, contracts and no tricks attached.