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The Rickaneers

Check out some of our newest work on the Rickaneers Website.. This new site includes a sleek interface for playing music that is protected from direct download. We also Included a news reel view fed right into the front page and a full blog section for viewing.This is all very easy to add in news on a busy schedule. The design is geared for a band theme, the slider and photos are very light weight so the entire site can be mobile ready and scallable. 

How to make a website work

One of the most important factors that make your site work is spending time directing your clients to your site, updating blogs and content weekly. This should always be your primary goals at getting going with a website. Blogs are very powerful and are treating your rankings with bonus points by search engines. 

Google Reviews

If you haven't heard, google reviews are a great way for people to make informed decisions whether your business is trustworthy. Google has pushed this function and by following googles guidelines this can trump all other search engine optimizations you can do by quite a bit. As a reminder, it's best to ask your clients to drop a review as much as possible. It's very easy to do.

SEO Optimization

To fully understanding SEO(Search Engine Optimization ) is a very complex and crucial part of website design. Without the knowledge and keeping up-to-date with how and other search engines update their algorithms you will eventually fall behind. If you're new to SEO and are trying to get your business higher on the rankings well perhaps this SEO picture posted from could be very helpful in understanding areas to work on.


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