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Search Engine Optimization - Blogging / News

Along with our search engine optimization we offer content writting. A huge part to keeping your site indexed or showing up on Google is to maintain an active appearance. By adding content as much as you can will ensure that google revisits your site and indexes you. They treat websites that have blogs much better then ones without. Consider writting material at least once a month or have one of us do it for you!

Email Spam. The person looking for a job!

We see all sorts of funny, frightening and clever ways spammers and criminals use technology to sell or steal your information. Today we ran into a new one. The looking for a job email. Many of our clients are business owners and finding staff is a tough job(pun intended!) so this one was alarming to see come through. We do a very good job at filtering our clients from spam, but this flood was coming right into their contact forms built into their websites.

We're Hiring!

We're looking for a talented freelancer whom can provide written content. Quantity of pieces and subject will vary from month to month. Word count would ideally be around 500 words per piece. All content will be posted by our web team.

No agencies please.

Please feel free to send your contact information to or fill out our contact form

Thanks Cover Club Media

HTTPS and Search Engines

We are constantly searching for new and improved ways to rank our clients further on search engines in an honest way. One strategy we've been seeing very good results lately is transitioning to HTTPS. HTTPS in a nutshell is a more secure website. You'll often see a padlock on your browser meaning this site is encrypting your information. This will ensure that any information sent from a webform, user login and more will be unreadable without the encryption key while moving back and forth to client and server.

Trifold Brochure

As the market changes from fluorescent to LED Jaftech needed a newer and modern look for their pamplets while heading to Light Fair this year. We sifted through plenty of samples and came up with an idea of a new look. Quite often the best most cost effective approach is to purchase or locate a version online. We are very quick are at Cover Club Media with our design team however a deadline could not be met with our design team with this type of rush order.

Beware of the big SEO companies

We've been doing SEO for a while now and have seen it all as for scams and rip-offs. It's gotten such a bad name due to the nature of how it works and people trying to find loop holes and ways to cheat the system. Google and other search engines are constantly changing and tweaking the way it works but one thing will always remain paramount in their books; an active website and one that has new content added frequently using a keywords in your area of business will be moving up in the rankings.

Updates and changes at Cover Club

We've recently moved our core servers to a location in Toronto and have made many new hardware upgrades. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
We've made these changes to accommodate our growth in popularity with our local area. We look forward to working with more local businesses and getting to see some of great products and services they provide.


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