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Here is a little breakdown on the differences in email services internal and external. First internal means your email is run on the same server as your website. This is a basic email and we at Cover Club can easily manage and assist with your email at no extra charge as long as you pay hosting through us. We have a rock solid reputation which is something you need to consider when signing up for email. Your email reputation is key to getting your emails to new and current clients without getting flagged as junk. Each server has a IP, which is like an address for the Internet. Your website has this and so does your email. A bad reputation will take into account your IP and further your domain name. So all these matters are taken care of from our server if an event happens. Many cheap hosting packages have terrible reputations associated to their services due to overloaded servers and clients who spam. One client can destroy your servers IP by sending out spam mail and getting flag to often. To avoid this a single IP can be aquired. However beware of a recycled IP that has a bad reputation. IP's are now all recycled so odds are you're getting one that has a bad rep.

The flip side of email internal email is your external kind. This is your office 365, gmail etc. These email services typically run around 6+ a month depending on the extras you want. This is per user, so if you're company needs 4 emails then your cost is multiplied by that count. The features for office 365 are the best. you can enable contact sharing. calendar functions and each device shares your emails correctly. This is your cadillac of email services. Gmail does not quite share all the bells and whistles that office 365 does so it's not exactly worth it over a simple internal email.

Now some of the downfalls of external are the lack of control in the event you're blocked or your clients are blocked. Processing a report to remove a blacklist/block can go for weeks and months or simply never get resolved. This is a terrible situation to be in and can render a business useless without email for that duration. 

There many more reasons to discuss when thinking about email. We offer all types of email services for our client's. You just have to pick what you think is best suited for your needs. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in hosting and email. We are always seeking to help local business in our area.

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