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This is a little list to help prepare moving your website to a new developer or company.

Typical websites should have the following login credentials and details to accounts and services asscociated to them. You most likely will need to contact your previous web developer or company to obtain access.

Listed by Priority:

1. Domain name

This is your registered domain link ie: A very simply step yet the most important part of your website. Everything is typically linked or attached in some way to this. Crucial control over the Domain Name System(DNS) which we can point whereever you like. Without DNS control we can't direct the domain to it's website files and services.

2. Hosting

This would be the company you purchased server space from. This is where your website is on located, physically. Typically a bunkered up server in a secure location amongst many others like it, in a controlled environment. You need logins for this that would be provided by your existing hosting provider. Your login details should then leads to a cpanel, or Plesk backend program which you or your new web developer can access over the internet to modify your website. This will include files, database and email and much more. With hosting details we can setup and access various other portals such as FTP, databases and more to migrate your website.

3. SEO Accounts

Google Page, Bing etc. This is a very important one for SEO services. We can typically go through other means to obtain these accounts, however they do take about a week to process.

4. Google Analytics

This is a reporting system provided by Google that links your website to a backend program via the internet that shows various different reports on activity and flow on your website. We can retreive this one instantly, however you lose your old reports and analytics. For SEO it a bonus to see the previous reports to compare new results.

5. Social Media platforms

Social media platforms constantly change the way you need to obtain accounts. Some have even turned off access to obtain lost accounts. The turn around can be very slow.


This is your typical list that should help prepare for a swift move. All methods do have a way to obtain details, but time is the issue when dealing with that route. 


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